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Global Business Services

The entry into force of the North American Free Trade Agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada since 1994 permanently altered the way we do business not only in member countries of the trilateral treaty , but most of the countries of the World Trade Organization.

Mexico is the country that has trade agreements, both multilateral and bilateral with the largest number of countries, 44 until July of 2010, but there are advanced talks to sign one more treaty, in this case with Brazil.

However, for a large part of especially small and medium enterprises is still unknown how to access global markets to export either goods and services or to import them, even more, there are companies that have not only lost substantial amounts of money but there was subject to sanctions by the tax and sanitary authorities due to ignorance of the rules of the game in International Trade.

In response to the problems mentioned we have created Escalera Global Business Services, composed of professionals from different disciplines all related to International Trade which are pleased to offer it's services with a substantial portfolio divided in two main items:


Consulting services to Mexican, Canadian and North American companies to develop and manage its business, taking advantage of the platform of the North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA) among the three countries, as well as the Free Trade agreements that Mexico has with more than 40 other countries all over the word.


Support public and privates companies of the three countries of NAFTA for the identification of the import/ export process more convenient, as well as its supervision and an integrated service of customer care.